It’s all about feeling good!

Be happy! Love and be loved! Enjoy life! Express ourselves! Do what we love doing! Get inspired! Be motivated! Believe that we can! Think positive! Choose the right way! This is the purpose of my shop! All of my creations are made to spread happiness, and motivate!

It feels great that my art travels from my little island to all over the world… Some of my art prints were featured in well known magazines, blogs, online platforms, local press and also had my art sold for packagings and publishings. I also had the chance to supply some of my art prints to the BBC six series ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’ and was used as part of a life changing transformation to the home of a family in Hull UK.

I am a graphic designer, working as a freelancer. I work in my sweet little studio, which is a part of my home. I live in Cyprus, the sunny mediterranean island. Bright colors, long summers, sun and blue sea are a part of my life, and have a deep impact to my work.

I always liked to create art prints and posters, for my loved ones… to wish them something or just for fun… to smile… It feels like spreading a little happiness around. My family is my big inspiration and my daughters are the reason for creating art for childrens’ rooms!

My shop is like… telling my stories! It is my way to enjoy the feeling of expression… When you take a look at my shop, I hope you smile and enjoy it too!

Stella Chili



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